6 wise messages the Dead want you to Know!

Have you ever wondered what your loved ones who have passed over would say to you if they could? Well, there is a chance I might be able to answer that for you. You see, I’ve been a clairvoyant for thirty years and there are six big things almost all spirits on the other side want their family to know.

#1. I’m OK! This really is sweet. They know if you worry about them and they want to reassure you they are doing fine. Indeed, better than fine. They are actually having a pretty neat time. Contrary to their expectations they are not in the fiery pits of Hell.

#2. Please be Happy! Now that they don’t have a body they realise that only love is real. They would encourage you to have fun, enjoy yourself and use your body to do as much of what makes you happy as possible. Cuddle your children, go surfing, grow flowers, kiss your cat if that is what makes you happy. Just do it!

#3. Let it Go! That’s right. Holding on to the dramas of the past is really holding you down. It’s like trying to carry a very big stone with you everywhere. What a burden. Just put the stone down and walk away. It feels like it is so important now, but it really doesn’t matter on the other side.

#4. Get on with It! Life is short and you are dead a long time. Stop judging yourself as unworthy and putting plans off until you feel you are ready. You’ll never be ready at that rate. Believe in yourself and your ability to have the life you dream about. Make every day count. Take a leap and make your wings on the fly.

#5. I’m always with You! OK not in a creepy, I’m watching you in the shower kind of way. But rather, I’m with you in spirit so please don’t mourn my passing. Your loved one on the other side sees your progress and successes in the World and celebrates with you for your achievements. Even when they are everyday achievements.

#6. You don’t have to be perfect! They understand that sometimes you will fall and it doesn’t matter. They won’t judge you. This is one of the most wonderful thing about spirits of the Dead. They all seem to be released from Earthly opinions of how the World should be, how people should behave and what constitutes a good life.

Miraculously, dead people seem to be a lot nicer than they might have been when they were living! So, don’t worry about what the spirit of your grumpy Grandma would think about your decision to divorce and move to Mongolia. If it makes you happy, and it’s a key to creating your dream, she will love it. Besides, she will be coming with you in spirit.

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