How to attract Faeries to the bottom of your Garden. Learn 5 easy ways to befriend the Fae and heal the Planet.

Are you a gardener, environmentalist or animal lover?  Well, my experiences tell me that your passions can benefit from the help of Mother Earth’s ‘little people’. I’m not talking about the ceramic gnomes Aunty Betty plops in her vegie patch to keep the birds off the tomatoes. I’m talking about Faeries!

Do you believe in Faeries? Wee Folk; The Little People; The Fair; The Fae; The Good; they have many names and appear in the stories of almost every culture. Whatever you call them, these diminutive enchanted beings are well worth befriending. Because across the realms of majic, it could be argued that pound-for-pound Faeries are some of the most powerful beings around.

What these nature sprites lack in size, they well and truly make up for in their daily work effort to heal our planet. So how do you know if you have Faeries at the bottom of your garden? And, what can you do to welcome them?

#1 Pick up Trash! Faeries truly love their Mother Earth and particularly loath rubbish. So, if you want to get into their good books start by picking up litter. It’s really quite simple. Every time you go into your natural environment try to pick up at least three pieces of plastic. Then dispose of it responsibly. Embarrassed you’ll look like a hobo? Who cares? You don’t have to make a big show of it. Just do it for the planet and the Wee Ones will be cheering you on!

#2 Stop Using Plastic Bags! Plastic is a scourge on our beautiful Planet. It’s poisoning our waterways and choking our wild creatures. It’s enough to bring a tear to a Faerie’s eye. So, release your inner hippy and take some action. Start by carrying your own re-usable shopping bags, and buy compostable bags for your garbage bin. You don’t need to start wearing tie-dyed flares, shaving is optional and the Faeries will be dancing about in delight.

#3 Buy Vintage Fashion! Rock vintage like a celebrity and help the planet. Make sure to look at the labels and only buy clothes that are made of 100% natural material. Why? Because man-made fabrics give off micro-fibres every time they’re washed. Yes, horrible to think of, but those tiny specs of toxic dust wash into our water ways and move into our food chain. So, next time you are having a meal you could be eating bits of your sweaty neighbour’s polyester socks.

#4 Grow Flowers! You don’t need acres of lavender to attract Faeries. You can start small. Even if you live in a tiny fifth-floor apartment you can still grow flowers on your windowsill. Grow quaint, little cottage garden flowers that will attract bees, Lady Bugs and Butterflies. Try pansies, snapdragons and violets. My favourites are the superbly delicate Violas, also known as Heart’s Ease for their powers to relieve worries, uplift the spirit and bring happiness.

#5 Enlist Children! The fastest way to connecting with Faeries is to recapture your enchantment in life and nature. This is something small children understand. They have wonder and delight in the simple, natural gifts that we take for granted. Are you feeling jades with life, unsatisfied or disconnected from things that really count? If so it’s time to literally skip in the clover, make daisy chains to adorn your hair and remember to howl at the Moon.

So, what will you get out of all this Faerie flattery? Not much if your aim is to get something. They won’t automatically love you just because you grow a few marigolds.

Faeries are nature spirits with feelings, egos and a special way of seeing right through what motivates you. They were traditionally seen as tiny, enchanted People of Peace. Which explains why they won’t connect with you unless you believe in them and the work they are doing to gently heal the Planet.

If you show respect to Mother Earth you may win the affection of Faeries which can be a very good thing indeed. If they think you are deserving they can be very loyal and will protect you, your home and family. They can help you to be more joyful and fun loving.

They may guide you in ways to care for the Planet. It’s even said they can grant their human friends good fortune. I suggest you do it for the love not the money. Do you have a Faerie story to share?

© Rosalie Bryant 2017

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