9 Fantastic Numerology tips to avoid a Wedding Day Nightmare!

For most brides their wedding day is one of the big moments in their lives. It’s the point that marks the beginning of a hopefully life long journey with the person they love. Everything is planned down to precise increments of time to ensure a perfect start for the relationship. Everything, that is, except for the numerology of the actual day. Woops!

Oh sure, a lot of thought goes into choosing the day, but it’s about everything but the date. Is it the right season for the colour palate? Is the caterer available that day? Can we have doves?

What if I told you that the numbers in your wedding date are potentially the defining feature to your marriage! Why is this? Well, because your wedding date is like the birthday of your marriage, so it’s is going to have long reaching effects on your married ‘life’.

What I’m about to share with you is new 21st Century Numerology. Unlike old school numerology we won’t be adding up the numbers. Instead we let each number speak for themselves. So, lets hear what they have to say.

1# If you have a number 1 in your marriage date you might expect some ego battles with the female elders of your clan. Number 1 is very creative, productive and domestic. That is because the Mother Rules Here! This is great news if the people getting married are actually able to make the Bride the Queen of the day, not be railroaded into making it all about the Mothers-in-law. Begin strong or expect your marriage to be ruled by the family Matriarchs!

2# Thinking of a big wedding with lots of little flower girls? If you marry on a number 2 day you better make sure you include everyone or feelings will be hurt. Over time your marriage may appear ‘better’ than others or you might be seen as popular heros who ‘rescue’ others. Ward off envy by being honest about your ‘perfect’ union. Most importantly, be aware of the need to take care of your partner’s feelings too, least you trample on hidden wounds.

3# The 3 wedding day is a celestial triumph. The perfect day for an all-white, bell-ringing, song-singing event. It’s a lofty beginning that elevates hopes and dreams. And long term these dreams might fly. Quite literally. One or both of you may find inspiration from other places or cultures, so you need to have shared visions for the future.  If your partner starts talking about travel, living somewhere new or a new way of life, you better start listening!

4# Number 4 is a good day for a traditional wedding in a chapel with the Saint’s looking down from the stained-glass windows to bless your day. Your marriage is going to have its fair share of ups and downs. Nevertheless, your bond will be strong and you can overcome any challenges life throws at you. This can be a stronger-than-steel marriage strengthened by fire. It’s an old-school, solid, faithful match day and you can grow old together.

5# Polish the glasses and chill the champagne because this is going to be a wedding PARTY! Indeed, could even be a garden party wedding at home. There will be lots of passion and adventure in this marriage, and if you are compatible you are going to love every minute of it. Together you are an exceptional force with great potential to be business partners or have a flourishing home business. Ideally you will have the sense to balance play with work.

#6 Here we have the most romantic day of all for a wedding. You won’t care if it’s sunny or raining; if all the plans your Mother made fall apart; or if nobody shows up expect the two of you. It’s a special love sprinkled with romance. You are like two sides of the same coin. The long term challenge may be that you can spend so much time reflecting on your partner’s wants that you lose sight of your own needs.

#7 Get the tissues ready because here we have an emotional and dramatic wedding. It’s a great day for unconventional ceremonies, candle lit night weddings, or faerietale gothic grotto unions. This marriage will also have its share of theatrics and tears over the years but most of it will be for show. This can be a very strong bond and is actually a mysteriously lucky marriage. At some time you may have an unexpected financial windfall!

#8 If you want to get the legal requirements of marriage out of the way without breaking the bank, 8 is your number. This is a good day to get married at the registry office or Town Hall and suits those who want a celebrant style wedding without spiritual overtones. Interestingly, even though this is not a particularly romantic day, 8 is a stayer. It’s an acorn. What is planted today will grow into a solid, mighty oak with broad branches strong enough to hold a family.

#9 The nine wedding is a marriage of minds, so a wonderful marriage day for those who have long history or went to school or university together. This is a powerful, intelligent union of two people with equal intellects. You can learn a lot from each other and will be each others guide and compass. Indeed, this marriage will be the defining aspect of your adult life. You may read each other like a book, but it is a favourite book you treasure.

Perhaps you’ll marry the love of your life. Maybe you already have? It’s possible you don’t ever want to get married! That’s fine too. There are no guarantees when we troth our love to another.

If you do marry you might decide to stay together for a year or your entire life. You may forget your anniversaries or celebrate with flowers. No matter. One anniversary morning you might wake up and decide you really don’t want to take another trip around the sun with your lover. You might wonder if you could have done something differently.

Maybe you could have? So, for all the ladies out there planning a wedding, this is for you. Before you rush off to debate the virtues of lilies versus roses, remember to take a look at the numbers.

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