Your HOUSE numbers Decoded; you’ll be amazed by what it says about you!

Have you ever thought about the fact that every address has its own numerological vibe? You can adorn your home with flowers or mountains of scatter cushions. You can fill it with beautiful babies or Pomeranian puppies. But your home will still have its own personality based on its numbers!

So, if you want to get the best out of your home it’s a good idea to get to know its numerological signature. This becomes even more significant if you are actually on the hunt for a new home. Let’s take a look at the numbers of your home, or prospective new home to see what it’s like.

But first, let me say this system I am about to share with you is not based on the old system of numerology. We are not going to be adding up numbers to make one number. Rather, my 21st Century Numerology System gives equal power to every number.

That’s right. Every number counts and gives new insights and depth to the reading of your space. So, if your address has multiple numbers look at all of them to get a clear picture of the home’s personality and potential. If you live in a unit, flat or condo your space will have its own number and it will also be influenced by the land’s number. So, let’s begin.

#1. The number 1 home offers a space for unique creativity. It is all about you. A place where you can find yourself. It is perfect if you want to write a masterpiece or create works of art. The number one has strong energies of the Mother and Mother Earth so it is a great place to grow a garden, even if it is just on your windowsill. This home has a Mother’ heart.

#2. Number 2 in your house number means you will likely be in a better financial position than those around you. Your compassion for those less fortunate will grow in this house. If you have kids, expect all their friends to be at our table! If you live in a unit block that has a land number 2 you might find your neighbours become your best friends.

#3. Number 3 is an inspirational space where you can meditate, contemplate and grow emotionally. It’s the calm loft away from life’s worries. The down side is, if you have a big family you will hear every noise and lose your concentration. It’s a great space for navel gazing, unless there are four baby navels needing to be washed. Then it’s chaos.

#4. The number 4 house is the perfect place to re-create yourself after a challenge and rise from the ashes of your experiences. If, on the other hand, you come into it thinking you have life all worked out you might face some challenges here. This is the home where bridges will be burned. It’s not a renovators dream, so if you are thinking to flip on a fast timeline think again.

#5. Hang on to your hat because the number 5 house is the home of party. If this is a share house expect at least one of your flatmates to be a total party animal. If it is your family home you will become famous for hosting the best kids parties of all time. If you’ve got teenagers living with you? You better put a lock on the booze cabinet!

#6. The number 6 house is the haven everyone dreams about! It’s the forever home, a place to stay for a very long time. Of all the house numbers, 6 really is the Holy Grail. Happiness, joy and all things wonderful are possible here. It is the place where people are actually thoughtful of each others feelings. If you are looking for a home to stay in this is the number for you!

#7. Number 7 is a watery place. If you are going to live here it might be a good idea to get your plumber on speed dial. Otherwise, best to learn to live with ongoing issues with water or plumbing because you might not ever be able to fix things. It could also be a place of tears or dramatics. On the other hand, if you love theatre and dramatics, this is the place for you!

#8. The number 8 home is steady and solid. It appears older than it is, or older than the homes around it. That’s ok. It’s a renovators dream. If you are looking to buy an unnoticed place and flip it for a profit, this is your place. Side note: take a good look at the legal documents here before you sign to be sure your tenancy or bill of sale is solid. If buying have a good law team on board.

#9. The number 9 is a very intellectual place, but it is also inspired. So, don’t expect to live here very long as you will be inspired to travel or do new things. Once you live here you will find your previously vague ideas are solidified quickly. Once you know what you really want you will find you are extremely motivated to get on with the next adventure.

So, what does this all mean? The home you live in has a personality. You knew it was right for you the minute you stepped into the space! That is when you & your home became friends. You may not be destined to live there for ever. But then again, you just might!


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