Recruiting Angels to your Team

Life comes with many responsibilities and challenges, but like any important work it has its perks. For a start, if you know how to ask, you can count on the support and protection of powerful friends. In fact, the most formidable folk of all. Angels of course!

If you know how to recruit Angels to your team things may get a lot easier. For a start, Angelic privileges may just get you that perfect carpark at the beach on a hot summer’s day. But before you start packing the sunscreen and towels you need to know how to ask Angels to help you. So here are a few tips to making and keeping Angelic allies.

#1. You Have to Asks First!
My experience is that Angels want to help us. But thanks to a heavenly ‘free-will clause’ Angels often can’t take action on our behalf unless we ask them for assistance. So, if you want support, then ask for it. But here is the thing. Don’t bother trying to make a ‘blanket’ request that covers all potential situations that may arise in the future. It doesn’t work that way.

If you want regular Angelic assistance you are going to have to get used to asking often. If you are an independent person who doesn’t like to ask for help, you are going to have to get over your pride and let go of your ego. Not that there is anything wrong with a healthy ego. It can give you the confidence boost you need to face a challenge, but if you want a power boost, get Angels on your side!

#2. You Have to Say Thank You!
Manners go a long way in all realms of the Universe. So, don’t go around demanding your own way with powerful Archangels. If you can’t ask nicely and offer some words of thanks, you are going to come across like a petulant three year old demanding candy. If you forget to express your gratitude, you’ll find the well will dry up.

That’s right, your Angels will stop supporting you to get the extra help you want in life. Privileges will be withdrawn. If you don’t know what I mean, think about how fast your Nanna put her chocolate tin away when you disrespect her. So, if you want help, be nice about it. Be grateful. We all deserve to be respected, Angels included.

#3. You Have to Be Realistic!
Angels have better things to do with their time than listening to someone moaning about how their life should be better. So, don’t go asking for a Lamborghini if what you really need is encouragement to finish your short course in spaghetti making. Think about your life and be honest with yourself about what you need right now, rather than what you want.

You might need a friend more than you need a sports car. The beautiful thing about Angels is they already know what you need. They might already have a plan for how to get you to the next level. The best advice I can give is to save your Angelic requests for realistic, meaningful things like inner peace, family harmony and a carpark at the beach.

#4 You Have To Make Some Effort!
Are you are doing everything in your power to create the best possible life you can for yourself and your family? Facing life’s challenges with determination, or doing as much as you can to keep yourself afloat under difficult circumstances? Then Angels will step in and gently guide you to the next step.

Your chances of having Angels create opportunities for you are increased when you start opening doors for yourself. If you are not doing anything toward reaching your goals, why should Angels manifest your dreams? If you aren’t on the road yet, don’t ask Angels to build you a castle. Instead, pray to be inspired to begin making bricks.

#5. You Have to be Open-Minded!
Not all Angelic support comes in a mysterious guise. Often Angels will do some recruiting of their own, using other humans to answer your requests. It’s a type of synchronicity. Let’s talk about the carpark again (yes, my life revolves around getting a good carpark at the beach!). Maybe your Angels will prompt someone to drive away right as you are driving up.

There is a lesson for you here. If Angels prompt others to action so your prayers are answered, you need to be aware that they might enlist you to do something that fulfils someone else’s dreams. They could be trying to recruit you right now, so listen to your intuition. And act.

Help the old lady across the street; put change in the homeless man’s cup; stop the little child from running onto the road. Maybe it won’t be your Angels guiding you. Maybe it will be your compassion, insight or wisdom. But then again, maybe there is an Angel recruiting you to make a stranger’s day better or their dream become a reality. Maybe your Angels are influencing you to help a friend begin a journey that will bring them happiness. Maybe it doesn’t matter if it’s Angelic influence or an instinct from your soul. If you are helping people fulfil their hopes and dreams it’s a good day.

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