Are you unintentionally Wishing for Spider Bites? How to lift your wish style to genius!

The problem with wishes is that the outcome is so unpredictable, right? Well, wish fulfilment is not as simple as it appears on Disney. If you want the Universe to bless you with really amazing wishes, you need to be very clear about what you want. It could be that you are already getting exactly what you wished for, so if you want different outcomes you need to change your wish wordings.

Words are deeply important. You need to take responsibility for thinking through your wishes BEFORE asking for them to be fulfilled. The Universe won’t judge if you ask for something and it appears the fastest way to fulfil your wish will have a negative consequence. So here are a few tips to being really clear about what you want so that you can get the most out of your wishes.

#1. How
Always insert a few details about ‘How’ you want your wish to be fulfilled.  If, for example, you are feeling exhausted, and wish for three days doing nothing but relaxing on the lounge, the Universe might decide the fastest way to deliver your wish is to have you bitten by a Red Back Spider when you’re gardening (yep, been there). Three days of antihistamines will most certainly render you horizontal on the lounge and incapable of anything but sleeping. A better wish wording would be to ask for a relaxing three day vacation!

#2 Why
Shallow wishes beget swampy situations, so elevate your wish status to genius and think before you wish! Stop and consider why you want this so much and what is driving your desires. If it is for the common good then go for it. If it can hurt someone? Stop before you go that way. It’s a messy, slippery trail. When it comes to wishes, take the high ground and celebrate when others succeed. If someone is doing your head in, don’t ask for them to come unstuck. Instead, wish for them to find new ways to be the best person they can be!

#3. Where
You can’t turn back time so there is no point in wishing you didn’t make that crazy wish back in the past that has negative consequences now. Instead, learn from the mistake and change your wishing ways. Make wishes you will be proud of in the future. You are where you are in your life’s journey now, so be happy you got this far in life.  You are who you are at this point in time. The Universe can’t erase your experiences or your wrinkles. So don’t ask to have your youth restored or you might just end up behaving immaturely.

#4. Who
If you are going to make wishes for other people you need to be nice! Otherwise, Karma will sting you harder than a bee. The Universal Law of Karma is firm; whatever you give out comes back to you multiplied by three. So, wish people happiness, joy, abundance. Because it is the right thing to do AND it can’t hurt you. Never, never, never let your jealous wounded ego make wishes for others otherwise you are wishing triple trouble on yourself. It’s just not worth it.

#5. When
Destiny trumps wishes every time. There is no point wishing for something that is not meant to happen until sometime in the future. Beautiful and intelligent women who want to meet the love of their life are going dateless for years because their wishes are cursing them to singledom. Being single is an awesome thing if it’s what you want. But if you want to date, stop telling the universe you won’t accept anyone but your true love. They could be years away! Instead, wish for safe, loving experiences that help you to become the person you need to be so your true love can come into your life.

The thing about wishes is, we make them so often we don’t even realise we are doing it. I bet you made at least one mental wish today. Me too. If we aren’t consciously making our wishes we are destined to experience crazy stuff in our lives as our wishes are fulfilled. The Universe takes our wishes quite literally so own your wishes. Make them good, kind and thoughtful. That way, you get to enjoy the receiving now and in the future.



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