How to Tame your Ghost

Have you got a sneaking suspicion your house is haunted? Well maybe you’re right! After all, houses and ghosts go together. It’s a thing.

Living with a ghost is a bit like discovering you’re in a relationship that you didn’t plan on being in. Maybe you weren’t ready for that type of commitment. You were just getting used to the idea of having a new home and suddenly you’ve got somebody on your hands that intends to stay with you forever, literally.

A lot of us have lived in haunted houses. It’s a situation sceptical people will ignore or coolly blame on the creaking old pipes. But, if you are intuitive you won’t be able to ignore the obvious because the spook will be right in your face messing with your stuff to get your attention. Your ghost has a mission to be acknowledged by you, so you’re going to have to put some boundaries in place right away…not all ghosts are housetrained.

There are a few common signs that will help you to identify if you have an un-tamed ghost in your house. So let’s take a look at a few of the ‘spooky’ things your ghost might do to get your attention. And some strategies for how you can teach them some manners.

Windows rattling in the middle of the night!
Oh, come on! This is just bad manners in any realm. Your Ghost was in a body once too. They know it’s impolite to call on the neighbours after midnight unless it’s an emergency. If you wouldn’t answer a text at 3am then don’t engage with your ghost in the middle of the night either. You are responsible for setting the ground rules and outlining your expectations in all of your relationships, including the very real one you have with your ghost.

Doors being mischievously locked or unlocked!
Your ghost is trying to pull a power play on you here. If you find yourself having to desperately smash the bathroom door open with a sledge hammer (yes, this has happened to me), your ghost is not only a control-freak, they are a smart-arse! So, tell them that. Out loud! Use the voice you save for disobedient children and tell them it’s your way or the highway! This will usually be a miraculous solution. No one wants to be sent to the naughty corner.

Things going missing and being found in strange locations!
Ok, here is the thing…using energy to move objects is one of the few ways your ghost can communicate with you. They can’t physically write or speak because they don’t have a body. So be kind, and let them know what is special to you and/or off limits (like your Gran’s engagement ring). Then give them a gift they can move around. Something like a mirror encrusted wind chime is perfect. Your diamonds will be safe and your spectre will have something of their own they can move and play with.

You will likely have noticed one repeated theme in the examples I have given here for what your ghost might do in your living space. In every instance the ghost has altered or moved something to get your attention. It is their only way of communicating. Yes, it might seem a bit naughty and occasionally inconvenient but don’t be afraid and always be kind- even when you need to be firm or disciplinary.

Ghosts will use the natural elements, especially wind, as a way to say hello. So say Hello back. Talk to them. Once you’ve won the love of your ghost you will find they are very loyal and will have your back. You might even find your ghost will become a friend who fixes problems for you.

For instance you won’t have to worry about unpleasant relatives coming to stay ever again. You might feel you can’t say no to them, but your ghost will have you covered. Whilst you are snoozing sweetly, your grumpy Aunty Doris will be wide awake all night, due to the windows in her room rattling and continuous ringing of wind chimes! Her bags will be packed the next morning quicker than you can say ‘Casper’.

I would love to hear about your experiences and your solutions to living with a Ghost.
Do you have a Ghost story to share with us here?

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