Being Unfashionably Clairvoyant

Are you having clairvoyant experiences but doubt you are really psychic because you don’t love hoop earrings or own a velvet cape? Well, contrary to the Hollywood stereotypes, there is no essential dress-code to being Clairvoyant (and owning a black cat is optional). If you are afraid to tell anyone you are Clairvoyant because you don’t think you look like one, I would love to inspire you to change your mind.

I am a garden variety Clairvoyant who looks like most of the other non-clairvoyant people that surround me. Maybe you are too? I break fashion rules. I wear double denim and flannelette wherever I want. I have even been known to do the grocery shopping straight from an arvo surf, still sporting zinced cheeks and salty hair. This may be unfashionable but it has never stopped a genuine Ascended Master, Angel or Spirit Guide from wanting to connect with me.

It’s totally ok to dress like Morticia Addams if that’s your style. It’s a great look if you’re into it. The thing is, are you into it?  You don’t have to dress up in something that feels like a Halloween costume to increase your capacity to connect with the Universe. Being your authentic self is what increases your connection.

Some of the most insightful Clairvoyants I have ever worked with dressed like Beryl from the school Cafeteria. These women were confident in their power because they knew an important secret; they were born Clairvoyant. It had nothing to do with clothes.

I have heard it all when it comes to the pseudo-spiritual fashion police. I’ve been criticised for not looking clairvoyant enough so I know how it feels. The thing is, this type of judgement is usually dished out by non-Clairvoyant people. I don’t really care if I don’t fit the mould that has been assigned to me,  I care about being authentic. So here are a few things you might have wondered about when it comes to Clairvoyant fashion:

#Do I have to look like a Gypsy?

There are some people who need to see you with a flowing coat and a crystal ball to believe you are Clairvoyant. That’s their issue. Maybe if you had that red velvet hooded cloak they would still demand evidence in the form of multiple free readings. If you are into hoods and velvet go for it. It’s a great look if you can carry it off. Otherwise, be yourself.

#Do I have to wear a corset?

If you love platform boots and glittered corsets wear them. If not, wear what you feel most comfortable in. Don’t ever wear anything that makes you feel weird! This will only block your ability to connect with the spirit realm and channel their messages which is why you do the work in the first place.

#Do Spirits care what I wear?

The short answer is Spirits do have preferences but it has nothing to do with the length of your skirt. How you take care of your body will have a lot to do with the energies you will naturally attract. The type of Spirits you want to be connecting with prefer you and your clothes to be clean. After all, you don’t want grubby Spirits messing around in your aura do you?

The truth is, Souls on the other side are looking to connect to Clairvoyants who can translate their messages to their loved ones. If you are naturally Clairvoyant they will see you as an antenna that they can connect with and speak through to broadcast their messages to loved ones. They will recognise you right away as being different from people who are non-Clairvoyant even if you are wearing exactly the same clothes as everyone else.

They won’t pick you for your fashion sense. They will pick you because you have the gift of Clairvoyance. So wear cosplay…or don’t. Love or loath glitter. It doesn’t matter. There is only one fashion rule to being a Clairvoyant; be yourself.

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