Coming out of the Clairvoyant Broom Closet: 5 good reasons not to & 1 unbelievable reason why you should!

Since you are reading this, I am guessing that you have had psychic or clairvoyant moments in your life and you’re not sure if you can tell anyone. Right? I know how you feel. I’ve been in the same position since my teens.

Now I’m finally coming out to tell the world that I am clairvoyant and I want you to come with me! I know all about the doubts that block you from telling people about your experiences, because I’ve heard them all inside my own head. So, lets unpack some of the big red flags that fear’s voice has been waving around.

#1 Your Family will think you are crazy!

Yep, that is a legitimate one…but, to be fair, maybe some of your family already think that about you and the feeling is likely mutual, so it’s not worth losing sleep over!
The thing is, when it comes to clairvoyance, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. So, there is a pretty good chance that one or more of your family members is psychic as well and not telling anyone either. If you come out and admit you are clairvoyant, you might be surprised about who else jumps on the confession train! So, start that change today.

#2 It could be a career killer!

Well yes, announcing that you speak with Angels at the next staff meeting could raise some condescending eyebrows. It might even have some conservative folks re-thinking their party invitation list (could be a good thing?). But chances are you will also get some new ‘cred’ with like-minded others. Just be aware of how many people might expect readings when they find out about your hidden talents! Besides, if you do speak with Angels and you get fired for that, your Angels can (and will) get you that amazing job you’ve always dreamed about anyway! So no loss there.

#3 You might be socially burnt at the stake!

Woah, that’s a big one! Except I am hoping that you will have already attracted and welcomed a collection of interesting, intelligent and adventurous people into your life who might just have a few secrets of their own to share. As for any so-called friends who dump you like hot coals when they find out about your clairvoyance? You are better off without them. They are too shallow to take a deep dive into the universe and it is far better to have friends who love you unconditionally than to be in the company of people who don’t know you at all.

#4 People won’t take you seriously anymore!

Who said they ever did? We can only imagine what people think about us. By the way, using your psychic abilities to delve into the thoughts of others is one of the no-no rules of the Universe, so don’t go there. It’s none of your business what people think about you! If people care about you they will tell you. Your task is to love yourself and to make a commitment to validating your experiences. Maybe it’s you who is taking yourself too seriously? Lighten up and have some fun sharing your news.

#5 You don’t believe in your gifts

That funny feeling you get in your belly just before something big happens might just be from eating too much pizza last night, right? Um, no. You and I both know that it’s a real thing. Your intuition doesn’t lie so neither should you. Just tell people what you’ve experienced; no more and no less. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone and you don’t have to perform. You especially don’t have to pull a prediction right out of your head to satisfy someone’s skepticism. Yes, that request is going to happen. Let it pass and move on.

# The number 1 reason to open up to being Clairvoyant

Trillions of people all over the World wish they were clairvoyant and you’re just sitting on it! It’s called a gift because you are meant to be giving it to others. It is no accident that you are clairvoyant or psychic. You have been given a deeply special talent and you are meant to use it. In fact, you were intentionally born this way to help others live the best life they can.

You have to speak your truth. Until then you are limiting your journey and blocking yourself from having the life you are here to live. Most of all you need to trust that the risks are worth facing. Don’t be afraid. Ask your Angels to guide you on the way and help you find the courage you need.

Start small. You don’t have to tell your grumpy Uncle who thinks you are crazy because of something you did when you were twelve. Ditto on the unfriendly co-worker who is loudly skeptical of anything outside their own interpretation of how the world should be ordered.

Tell one person you trust about your clairvoyant experience and see what unfolds. In time you might find the Uncle and the Skeptic are closet Clairvoyants as well. As I said at the beginning, I am inviting you to come on this journey with me, so if it feels right for you I can be your safe person. What is your experience?

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