6 Things I Love About 2018: The new year’s numerology secrets revealed!

Dear 2017, I was so excited when you came into my life! Our first night together was amazing and I promised to stay with you until our anniversary. In return I asked for joy, love & peace for everyone! Oh, and a clean ocean too.

We agreed on this publically on Facebook. The thing is, you didn’t handle things real well babe. Everyone knows it! You made people cry! So, I’m here to tell you that it’s over. I’m leaving you for 2018!

So, what is so great about 2018? Well, a lot really. Being a numerologist I took a peak at the numbers and I’d like to share with everyone what we can expect the new kid in town to teach us this year.

#The Dark Horse Triumphs: The usual winners in life will be surprised when someone they didn’t even see coming sweeps in and successfully takes the lead. Expect the unexpected in any contest, race or challenge. 2018 is the year of the outsider to take the podium and prize. When it comes to competitions, be it in sport, career or relationships, it will likely be the lesser known person who succeeds. If you’ve been keeping an idea, ability or skill a secret from others, 2018 is your time to put yourself out there as you could be a winner this year!

#Seek Wise Advice: If you need to make important decisions in 2018 make sure you get advice from an independent expert. Someone you trust. A lawyer if it has anything to do with legal contracts. You may have a very strong urge to be independent in 2018, but don’t let your ego and passion for your projects stop you from seeking neutral advice. Even if it means hearing something you don’t want to hear. Look to people who have maturity and stability. They don’t have to be older. Some people will show maturity beyond their years in 2018.

#New beginnings: 2018 heralds endings and fresh beginnings. It’s got energy for letting go, so be kind to yourself and accept that some things are coming to an end. It also has capacity to support you to resurrect your life out of the ashes of the past. As such, it is a year you can reinvent yourself. You could have a complete change of career direction or success with launching a business idea. Things that are handed down come with the year 2018 so you could step up into an elder’s shoes.

#Time Counts: Every minute counts in 2018. You will need to develop some time management skills if you want things to go smoothly. Also, take your time with plans, as things won’t be rushed, no matter how hard you push. Just like a baby needs its full gestation time of growth in its mother’s body to be healthy and ready to be born, so too your ideas and plans will need to be nurtured and cared for so they can come to full power. On a deeper personal level, it will be important to take time to nurture your inner child in 2018.

#Finding your Independence: This is going to be a year of individuality and standing on your own two feet. If you have felt dependant on people, places or situations in 2017 there is a shift coming. You are going to have the opportunity to face and overcome whatever has help you back in the past. You can now ditch your personal daemons or anything that is no longer healthy for you. You can now conquer any unusual difficulties you have struggled with in the past. Say goodbye to addictive relationships or habits and find yourself free.

#Business ideas Blossom: If you ever had a business idea that you thought might fly, 2018 is your year to give it a try. It’s a great year for growing your creative ideas into reality. It is also a time where if you have been working in a family business that you might step up with new ideas and take the helm. The time could be right for you now. Just remember that those who went before you may also have some solid advice. So, don’t let ego block you from taking the wise guidance of your elders as they have a lot to offer you if you will listen.

As we begin to close the door on 2017, I know there are a few people taking a deep, grateful breath to be seeing the back of this year. It is refreshing to know we have a new exciting year ahead. It’s looking so promising that I’m making a commitment to be with 2018 for a year.

Dear 2018, In return I’m asking for joy, love and peace for everyone! Oh, and a clean ocean too. Do you think you can handle that babe?

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